In Pursuit of Sleep



Ok, I’m not sure if that’s actually true. But in my case, suffering from insomnia for over three years made me feel absolutely crazy - I found myself crying over everything, lashing out, and desperately going to bed early in hopes of sleeping past 3am. My life was a mess I couldn’t clean up due to the fact that I could. not. sleep.

Nothing is ever that simple, of course. The cause of my sleep deprivation was due to stress, depression and a new tendency to be anxious all the time. I spent months focusing on changing my habits and lifestyle in pursuit of a good nights sleep, including:

  • Eliminating screens in the bedroom. Yes, ALL screens (even my phone stays in the other room)

  • Buying a sunrise alarm clock for a gentler wakeup

  • Using CBD oil before bed

  • Increasing my physical activity (rock climbing, Pilates, and just moving as often as possible)

  • Embracing essential oils and dosing myself with lavender oil from my dream diffuser

  • Swathing our bed in layers of linen for better temperature control

  • Eliminating toxic people from my life who caused me said anxiety (this may seem unrelated but IT IS NOT)

Part of this process also involved creating an oasis in our bedroom, so that going to bed felt luxurious, cozy and appealing. I asked my friends at Sand Snow Linen and Elsie Green to help me create the perfect space and let me tell you, I’m having a LOT of trouble ever leaving bed these days!

The autumn tones of our linens are a departure from my usual monochromatic aesthetic, and the change couldn’t be more welcome! Find these beautifully made pieces here:

Duvet Cover in Pastel Pink

Extra Long Pillowcases in Amber

Standard Pillowcases in Rusty

Enjoy this little bedroom tour, and leave a comment and tell me how YOU get your best sleep!



Founder, Studio Étincelle