Self Care: A Discipline

Favorite candle by  Roen

Favorite candle by Roen

You’ve heard it time and again: self care is important for surviving as an entrepreneur (and as a human). Well I don't know about you, but until I realize something on my own, I tend to ignore everyone else's advice. To be honest, it took a pretty intense emotional breakdown for me to really begin to examine the ways that I equip myself to face the world. It turned out that personal upheaval led me to finally care for my body and mind on a regular basis.


Working in a service-based industry means that the bulk of my day is dedicated to showing care to others, and I LOVE that about my job. Supporting and empowering other women gives me a sense of purpose each day. But my purpose for living cannot be other people, whether it's a partner, friends and family, or my clients. There came a day, not long after a slew of horrible things happened in my life (a divorce, a robbery, the death of a beloved family member and, finally, a friend’s suicide) that shut me down, leaving me unable to so much as leave my apartment. It was then that I realized how ill-equipped I was as a solo entity to pull myself back from the abyss, and it was then that I began the long journey of prioritizing myself.

What I’ve found, after years of tackling my own demons and finding my own methods of self-reliant comfort is that my self-care falls into three categories: daily, regular, and spontaneous. Below are some of my suggestions for each category that you can use to develop a more consistent approach to taking care of your own mind, body and heart. I hope you use this approach to discover and prioritize some of your personal rituals!


Daily Care

  • an energizing morning routine

  • a regular skincare routine

  • a relaxing bedtime ritual

  • positive self talk (practicing this on an ongoing basis throughout the day)

  • lighting the good candles ALWAYS

Regular Care

  • monthly therapy

  • exercise (full disclosure, this is an ongoing struggle for me)

  • meditation (working to make this a daily method!)

  • quickie massages

  • aromatherapy (my favorite is Vitruvi!)

  • SEX (ahem, may I suggest including Maude)

Spontaneous Care

  • 30+ minutes of reading

  • salon appointments

  • face masks (they fix everything)

  • quickie massages

  • send a sweet note to someone you love (works every time)

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Whatever it is that resonates with you, be sure that caring for yourself is a consistent priority and true to what you as an entrepreneur and artist need to feel good and cared for on an ongoing basis.