Encourage Vintage

Studio Étincelle // San Francisco based photographer + content creator for extraordinary women and elevated brands
Studio Étincelle // San Francisco based photographer + content creator for extraordinary women and elevated brands

Encourage Vintage founder Emily Scott is a longtime friend, powerhouse businesswoman and my personal style guru. I may or may not be wearing an old pair of her designer sweatpants + a pair of Mohinders I stole from her closet as I write this. I sat down with her to get to the root of her "why" for this brand and, as usual, her reasons for everything are rooted in family and love for the world. Read on!


Why Encourage?

I have always been a hunter and a hoarder, but realizing that styling and shooting these items and giving them a story helped others to see the beauty that i saw, that inspired me to start Encourage vintage. I’ve also always been in love with words, what they mean and where they come from. The word Encourage is mentioned in the Bible hundreds of time and i remember hearing someone say that it meant to literally “breathe courage” into another. I felt like that aligned with what i love most about clothing - it’s ability to lift your mood or give you strength when necessary. 

How has vintage impacted your life?

Vintage is a part of the fabric of my family. We are all collectors. My dad always had vintage items from his grandparents around our house. He collected records from the 60s. My mom was a garage sale queen and I inherited her treasures when she passed away. So it’s always been around and it always fascinated me. Now that we have kids i try to purchase used or vintage clothes and toys for them as well so I hope that it allows them that same opportunity to appreciate beautiful craftsmanship and things with a history as well as allowing them to see that buying vintage is good for the earth too. 

What are your big dreams for the brand?

My dream for the brand would be to firstly allow women to realize that they don’t have to be cool to pull off vintage, they just need to be willing to try and then see that it can fit in with their wardrobe just like something from a current brand. Secondly and ultimately my big dream is to build a community of women who are all excited about vintage and fashion and smaller, ethical labels and have a space of genuine connection for them whether that’s through Instagram or hopefully pop ups or events down the line. 

When will you stop pretending that tiny sunglasses are a thing?

You know what they say about tiny sunglasses though. Small frames, big heart ♥️ 

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